We are proud to state that since OCTS was founded 10 years ago, the Board has not received a single complaint from a Participating Land Owner!

Without participating landowners who grant members and their guests the privilege of traversing their property, the OCTS has no trails; participating landowners are crucial to our success. Currently we have more than 300 participating landowners covering approximately 2700 acres. We’re actively recruiting more.

Landowners are encouraged to keep such trails free from dangerous obstructions (underfoot and overhead). OCTS has some limited volunteer resources to help should the landowner be unable to do so him/herself.

Who/what/where can members cross my property?

Each participating landowner grants permission to members and their accompanied guest(s) to traverse their property. Each landowner sets these guidelines with which users are expected to comply. Naturally, requirements will vary from landowner to landowner regarding acceptability of equestrians, hikers, mountain bikes and motorized vehicles.

If I become a participating landowner, does this restrict any activities I can engage in on my own property, i.e. hunting, ATV use, etc?

Of course not – it’s your land!

If I grant permission and change my mind later, can I rescind my permission?

Of course —it’s your land and your permission! Just contact the Landowner Chairman.

Do you provide compensation (rent) to participating landowners?

No, for two reasons. Firstly, we are a volunteer organization with a very limited budget. Secondly, if we were to provide landowners with compensation, it would nullify the liability limitations provided landowners by the Virginia Recreational Use Statute (Code of Virginia 29.1-509). We hope that landowners will participate out of a sense of community with their neighbors.

Horses defecate while being ridden — will riders stop and clean up any manure deposited on my property or on any rights-of-way surrounding my property?

No, this is highly impractical for riders. That’s why you may wish to prescribe certain paths on your property, particularly if it is smaller than average. It’s also why our riding rules require riders to avoid houses, lawns, etc. Remember, the riding pressure of our members is expected to be extremely light.

Will members and their accompanied guests park on my property?

No, unless you specifically give them permission to do so. We expect the majority of trail usage to come from members whose properties are contiguous to our trails. If someone parks on your property without your specific permission, please the Landowner Chairman.