Welcome to the Orlean Community Trail System

Who We Are

The Orlean Community Trail System (OCTS) is a grassroots, community-based organization begun in 2004 and open to all residents living within ten miles of the Orlean Post Office. OCTS strives to create an inclusive community, engaging with neighbors and local organizations such as churches, commercial and civic groups, and the Orlean Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department (OVFRD). OCTS organizes and encourages social activities, community improvement efforts, and assistance with neighborhood trails for riders and hikers. The OCTS Website is a source of information about the organization and its activities; the OCTS Facebook page provides daily updates on such things as interesting activities, lost and found animals, road and weather hazards, and recommendations for local services.

At its heart, OCTS is a loose association of neighbors who get together to better know one another and to encourage a cohesive and helpful environment with and for each other. It is not a Home Owners Association, does not have dues, and has no legal authority to direct or mandate anything. Its decision process is based solely on consensus of the Board members at its monthly meetings. These decisions generally correspond with various ongoing projects (e.g., litter pickup, pollinator meadow) and social events (e.g., Snipe Hunt, Barn Dance, Holiday Bonfire).

OCTS has grown to:

  • 950+ Facebook members

  • about 500 members on the email list

  • about 250 participating landowners (PLOs) who represent an estimated 3,500 acres

  • about 20 miles of trails for riders and hikers

OCTS has provided a platform for the launch of activities that include:

  • a weekly dinner meeting

  • art and craft groups

  • a walking group

  • food drives

  • fundraisers for the OVFRD

  • pop-up events for hiking, riding, and sledding

  • travel groups

  • book clubs

  • litter pickup

  • native plant pollinator meadow

  • field trips to sporting and educational events, concerts, and plays

  • providing firewood to neighbors

  • photo contest to celebrate community

OCTS is a dynamic organization that provides new and long-term residents with opportunities to meet neighbors, to engage in fun and educational activities, and to improve the safety and quality of life for our community.

How Can I Join/Help?

This one is easy.

Please email admin@orleantrailsystem.org


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As stated in the Virginia Outdoors Plan, 2018 -


Volunteerism, Partnerships and Landowner Liability

As volunteerism and partnerships for outdoor recreation and land conservation increase across the Commonwealth, so does the importance of the protections established in §29.1-509 of the Code of Virginia.** This law protects private landowners from liability when private lands are open to the public. Protection encourages property owners to continue to open lands for outdoor recreation. As long as landowners do not charge a fee for access, and there is no gross negligence or “willful or malicious failure to guard or warn against a dangerous condition, use or structure” on the property, they are protected from liability due to injury or death when they provide public recreation access. The law also limits the liability of landowners who enter into a lease agreement with state agencies.

As stated in the Code of Virginia



Equine Liability Act § 3.2-6200 - § 3.2-6203

Virginia Equine Liability Act

2022 NEWS



It’s time to bring out your cameras and get the shutters fluttering!! The OCTS Photo Contest will ride again. We will start accepting submissions beginning in January of 2022 to be displayed and judged at the spring Snipe Hunt (date TBD) Categories will be Landscapes and Critters. There will be a new non-judged category of Fun Times with the OCTS, hikes, trail rides, bonfires, road clean up, line dancing and more!


Annual Snipe Hunt

Planning for May 2022


The OCTS Business Directory gives local small businesses a place to advertise their services to the members of OCTS.

Business owners are not allowed to advertise on the OCTS facebook page but are allowed to respond to requests for recommendations

Business owners may contact Molly Savage at admin@orleantrailsystem.org for inclusion or to update their information in the directory.

OCTS does not endorse and is not responsible for any of the businesses in the Business Directory.


About Our Facebook

OCTS Facebook is a powerful tool that helps bind our community together. There have lately been several instances where comments have veered towards ugly, complaining, and personal, none of which supports our community. OCTS welcomes posts about things like:

  • Social, educational, cultural, health, and local charity fundraising events

  • Lost and found animals

  • Requests for new homes or training facilities for animals

  • Requests for recommendations for services

  • Community yard/moving sales and personal items for sale or give-away

  • Notices of road closings or dangerous conditions

  • Requests for leads on local housing

Use your good judgement and

sense of civility when you post.

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Visit Our
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