Photos of Past Events


Adopt-a-Highway Community Cleanup

This is the fine bunch of "trashy" OCTSers who spent a couple hours Sat., Sept 16, 2017 cleaning up Leeds Manor Rd. from The Orlean Market to Wheatley School Rd. We picked up 23 bags of litter! Carla treated us to snacks & beverages afterwards at The Market. Thank You Carla!

The next clean-up is scheduled for Earth Day, 2018. Join us to see how much fun we have while doing good.

Our sign on Leeds Manor Rd at Wheatley School Rd.


OCTS 2017 Photo Contest Fundraiser Winners

It’s true -- A picture is worth a thousand words! Those who attended the Snipe Hunt on April 29th can really appreciate this! Why? They were confronted by a delightful dilemma … “Select your favorite three out of 50 photographs”.

Drum roll ... And the winners of OCTS’ first, annual photography contest fundraiser are: Jack Bowden, Jinx Fox, Mary Judkins and Mary Perrine. With their permission, OCTS is creating notecard sets featuring the 10 most breathtaking photographs, as determined by votes cast at the Snipe Hunt.  

This is a great gift for all occasions! The back of each card will be annotated with the name of the photographer, title of the photograph and the OCTS logo.  

OCTS notecards will be available for sale later this summer … and certainly at our Barn Dance in October. Cost per set – your donation of $15. You can place an advanced order by emailing

Saving the best to last … I also want to thank all of the talented individuals below for their magnificent entries. This event wouldn’t have occurred without them. When next you see these individuals, greet them with a smile and thank you – for they brought a great deal of joy to everyone by creating that delightful dilemma!

Start taking those pictures now for the 2018 contest!

Carla Bass, OCTS President

The Photographers

Megan Batt

Welles Grey Bay

Kami Bishop

Samantha Bishop

Cindy Blough

Jack Bowden

Jo Ann Duron

John Feser

Jinx Fox

Mary Judkins

Laurie Kudla

Cody Leeser

Ann Caddell Nelson

Mary Perrine

Chris Ryan

Sherry Nolan York

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OCTS Adopt-a-Highway Trash Pick Up
Second Trash Pickup -- Saturday, April 22, 2017
Rain??!! What rain??!! Twenty one OCTSers came out to celebrate Earth Day and our piece of beauty to pick up litter on almost four miles of roadway. And to eat cookies and muffins (woo hoo, Kim and Brian!) and TALK. We ended up with 14 bags of trash, consolidated to 9 bags in about an hour. A big, soggy thanks to Denise, Skip, David, Damon, Kim, Brian, John, Carla, Lynn, Jinx, Jack (love those pickers!), Patty, Dodie, Mark, Alison, Bill, Baba, Pharibe, Kathy, Sharon, and Randy.

First Trash Pickup -- Sunday, October 30, 2016
An epic litter patrol on JBP Rd!! A big THANKS to Kim and Brian  for hosting us and offering to do it again. And a big THANKS for the trash pickers: Baba Z, Kim E, Lynn R, Carla B, Patty L, Jack B, Jon B, David F, John F, Bill J, Ben C and Polly G. We picked up 12 bags of trash and an old tire over 2 miles of JBP in 1 hour, then spent 1 1/2 hours eating donuts and talking. Stay tuned for the next litter pick-up.

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