Welcome to the Orlean Community Trail System

Who We Are

The Orlean Community Trail System (“OCTS”) is a non-profit grassroots community-based organization of neighbors who seek to create a network of trails for riders and hikers in the Orlean, VA area. OCTS works with landowners to plan new and restore existing trails. In this way, OCTS is enhancing a sense of community in an area that has, over the years, lost some of that “neighborhood feel”. OCTS members abide by OCTS trail etiquette

We also have a social side and sponsor several large, community events throughout the year, which build community spirit.

Where Are The Trails?

Trails are or can be in your own backyard! We currently have more than 300 participating landowners and more than 20 miles of trails. Trails are developed based on the concept of micro-neighborhoods. The majority of users are immediate neighbors, familiar with each other and the specific requirements of the property landowners. Landowners exercise their own discretion in permitting various types of passage (e.g. horses, hikers, motorized vehicles).

“No man is an island”-- Not all trails are currently contiguous. Therefore, it is important to recognize that regardless of property size or location, each landowner serves as a stepping stone to expand to other properties and connect the trail system.

Talk to your neighbors about existing trails or creating trails…the OCTS can help you!

How Can I Join/Help?

This one is easy.

Simply complete the form on the "Contact Us" page of this website, email info@orleantrailsystem.org for further details. Landowners willing to participate in our trail system should contact our Landowner Chairman.



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   2018 NEWS & EVENTS


Orlean Christmas

 Tramp Roast & Potluck
December 1, 2018
not even fit for a tramp!
 •  no rain date  •


Barn Dance

Date: Sat., Oct 12, 2019
Location: TBD
Mac McCall again next year!
Thank you to Sherry York and Andy Hertneky for hosting a FANTASTIC Barn Dance! We had a huge turnout and everyone enjoyed a beautiful evening complete with Square Dancing! Thanks to Mac McCall for his calling! And, to Bill Zink, thank you for leading the 1st Trail Ride earlier that morning.

bi-annual roadside cleanup

OCTS thanks the hearty souls who showed up to pick-up litter on Leeds Manor Road from JBP to Wheatley School Road last Saturday. It was a small, but enthusiastic and industrious cadre of community volunteers having fun while serving the Orlean community. Bill Jackson, Kathy Burnham, Denise Landers and daughter Brooke, Chris Cloud and Julie McGuire. Special thanks to Alice Shelman for organizing the equipment and to Julie and Tom McGuire for hosting the aprez breakfast.


Annual Snipe Hunt

From the OCTS: A HUGE thank you to Carla & Scott MacLeod for hosting the Snipe Hunt -- their beautiful setting made for a perfect day!

Thank you, Andy Hertneky for leading the Trail Ride, Jinx Fox for leading the Trail Hike and Donn Smith & Co. for leading the 1st 5K! And thanks to all the community members who helped with the setup and cleanup/take down.

2018 Photo Contest Announcement!

click on the poster below


OCTS is a volunteer organization that takes great pleasure in maintaining/
developing trails for its members and 
fostering a unique sense of community.

The OCTS has no regular source of income; 
donations to assist with future activities 
are greatly appreciated.

Please look for the donation jar at OCTS events.


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Orlean Community Trail System

  Orlean Community Trail System

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